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The Key For Happiness While Cold Calling




What exactly do I mean by "keep it simple"?

Your cold call strategy should be composed with the minimum number of words, and should be crafted solely from the prospect's point of view.

Remember that a prospect might only be giving you 10% of their attention when they answer the phone, until you EARN their focus, by snapping them out of their lethargic auto-tuned cold call responses.

This means you are working with an average allocated IQ of 10, which is basically like talking to your dog. Even if you love Fido, he is not going to understand fancy words, or promises of amazement. In order to effectively communicate, you must to keep your message simple and direct. Do not attempt to sell them, or convince them of anything.

Let the other 49 random sales people who called this prospect try to sell, while you spend your time and energy developing.

General human psychology shows that people have greater fear of loss, than a desire for gain, especially when they are naturally skeptical or cynical going into the call.

Design every cold call engagement to give yourself the highest chances of immediately sparking the prospects interest by concisely pointing out a core value that you provide which will eliminate a statistically common pain point with the highest probability of occurrence based on the persons position and industry.

Every industry and position is unique, however here are the most universally common:

  • Response time – in minutes, not hours, not days, not weeks, and not by the time we have a new President.

  • Proactive Communication – play the role of project manager, watch for issues before they are noticed, DOA, EOL, etc…

  • Consistency and reliability – day-in, day-out. You are immediately available to help regardless if it’s 5 cents, or $100,000.

  • Long-term perspective – position yourself as a partner. You’re not looking to sell to them for 30 days, you want to work with them for 30 years.

BY playing these odds, you begin to genetically modify the base code of every cold call, which ends up organically unlocking the ability for the conversation to mature into longer, and more meaningful opportunities to genuinely discuss each prospect's driving factors.

The beauty of simple science 😊

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